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While Mum is teaching Bluey to crotchet, she reveals she’s on a ‘quest’ to find the perfect wool, prompting Bluey to ask what ‘quest’ means.

Meanwhile, Dad invites Bingo on a curry swap with him to Mackenzie’s house. At first Bingo refuses to go, until she hears there will be face painting!

As Mum explains the hero’s journey to Bluey, we follow Bingo’s quest. As Bingo and Dad walk through the park, they have to get past a swooping magpie before delivering the curry. Success!

But when Bingo finds out that Dad is going away to work for a few weeks, Bingo must be braver than ever.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad takes Bingo on a quest to Mackenzie’s house to do a curry swap!
  • Everyone needs to be on the look out for a swooping magpie in the park.
  • Mackenzie’s Mum does face painting for the kiddos!
  • Bingo finds out she’s “going to the airport tomorrow”

Toughen up, kid. This is a curry swap.

S3E8 – Curry Quest

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