Jack’s the new dog in Calypso’s class and the newest recruit in Rusty’s army. Jack struggles with following instructions and always forgets his hat, but Rusty will make a soldier of him yet.

On patrol, Jack learns the lay of the land and takes turns at sentry and finds a friend in Rusty who encourages him and teaches him everything his Dad (who’s in the army in real life) taught him. 

When a turkey startles them and they call in the chopper, Jack remembers their position successfully, saving the day. At pickup-time, condensed milk from Rusty’s returned Dad cements their new friendship.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • A new kid named Jack joins Calypso’s class.
  • Jack and Rusty play ‘Army’ together.
  • Jack has to remember the phrase ‘Tango Seven’ for a successful dust-off!
  • Rusty’s Dad comes back from the army – with condensed milk!

An important part of the army stuff is doing push-ups”

S2E16 – Army

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