The Heelers are on holiday and today they are playing Swim School. Mum, Dad and Bingo have to pass two classes, Little Fish and Big Fish. Karen (Bluey) is the teacher for Little Fish and has only one rule-no dobbing. 

All three pass with flying colours! But their Big Fish teacher Margaret (also Bluey) is much tougher – if you don’t dob, you won’t pass! The family reckon they can pass without dobbing, but Margaret‘s class is really hard, and they all end up dobbing on each other!

When Bingo decides that she’d rather not dob on her family, she rebels against Margaret and Mum and Dad follow suit.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • While they’re away on holiday, the Heelers play in the resort pool.
  • Bluey pretends to run a swim school, teaching Mum, Dad and Bingo to become ‘Big Fish’ .
  • Dad struggles to teach the kids about ‘dobbing’.

Well, shouldn’t Sharon get in trouble for dobbing on me about dobbing on Meryifindor.

S2E33 – Swim School

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