It’s Bluey’s first trip to the cinema and she is determined she is ready for movies like her friends. But when she hears there’s a big thunderstorm in the movie, she worries she is going to get scared. 

When they get into the theatre, Bingo, who is too young to sit still, spills her popcorn and starts to run amok, and Dad gives chase just when the big scary thunderstorm scene starts.

Bluey is too scared to open her eyes, but Dad needs her help to catch Bingo and just when Chunky Chimp overcomes his fear in the movie, Bluey bravely opens her eyes to catch Bingo just in time.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad takes Bluey and Bingo to see an animated musical movie, ‘Chunky Chimp’.
  • Bingo is being cheeky in the cinema – and even does that funny thing with the hand dryers in the bathroom!
  • Bluey overcomes her fear of the scary thunderstorm scene in the movie.


Look, mate, I’m pretty sure that by the end of the movie, everyone will like that the monkey was different.

S2E28 – Movies

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