When Dad works from home, he likes to sit on a giant yoga ball that the kids cannot resist playing with. When he’s not looking they steal his ball and push it down the stairs.

Dad starts horsing around too, bouncing them on the ball and throwing them onto the bed, but as the kids get more and more excited and want to play bigger and bolder games, Dad forgets that Bingo is not as agile as her big sister and accidently knocks her over with the yoga ball.

With help from Mum, Bingo learns to use her big girl bark so she can let Dad know when she’s hit her physical limit and a game’s going too far.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Dad, Bluey and Bingo play various games with his yoga ball.
  • Dad finds out that he sometimes plays a little too rough.
  • Dad, Bluey and Bingo play ‘Delivery Chair’.
  • Bingo learns how to use her ‘big girl bark’.


Oh Ball-E you need to sleep! You must be so tired. That big Dad has been sitting on you all day.

S1E16 – Yoga Ball

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