Barky Boats

read by Tom Daley


TOM DALEY narrates Barky Boats, a story about what happens when we need to prepare for a big new adventure. Bluey wants to make a fairy garden with her buddy Mia, but Mackenzie wants to play barky boats with his buddy Captain.

When the buddies run off to play together, Calypso steps in to help Bluey and Mackenzie understand why…

More about TOM DALEY

  • Tom Daley is an elite-level diver from the UK
  • He won his first gold medal at the 2020 Olympics!
  • In his spare time, Tom loves to knit and crochet.

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I love my buddy Mia because she can do the splits… and she gives me piggybacks.

S2E30 – Barky Boats

more about ‘Barky Boats’

Bluey and Mackenzie are excited to spend time with their two buddies Mia and Captain. When the older kids run off to play together without them, Calypso explains that growing up can be hard.

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