Mackenzie is Bluey’s friend from school. He and his family are border collies who moved to Australia from New Zealand.

His mum and dad still root for the Kiwis in football, much to the chagrin of the neighbours and the confusion of Mackenzie.
Mackenzie likes to get to the point and will usually give a straightforward answer to any question.

Herding and jumping on sheep are talents that run in his family and come very naturally to Mackenzie. At school, Mackenzie has a big buddy named Captain and the two share a secret handshake.

Bingo, you get to go to the airport tomorrow!




FIRST Appeared

Fruitbat (Season One)


Border Collie

KEY Appearances

Spy Game (Season One)
Shops (Season One)
The Creek (Season One)
Barky Boats (Season Two)
Curry Quest (Season Three)
Space (Season Three)