Have a go at making your very own Chattermax! This craft is best for experienced crocheters.

Download the instructions below to start your Chattermax creation.

Pattern by Phil Ferguson (@ChiliPhilly)

Things you’ll need

Note: Make sure a grown up helps with scissors and small pieces

8ply 100g yarn you’ll need


Abbreviations key

The whole project, unless specified, is FLO (facing out) and completed in the round.

The total amount of stitches you should have will be in parentheses at the end of each row, meaning that when you see (20) at the end of the row, it means there will be 20 stitches in that row.

Any repeated actions within a row will also be in parentheses, alongside the amount of times that action will be taken in that row. Example: (2dc, inc) x 10 means two double crochets then increase on the third, repeat this ten times.

(Note: We use the term double crochet in this pattern, but you might call it a single crochet where you live.)

In this pattern we will also note when to change colours, and will note when to change colours using their designation (example: 20sts in C1, 5 sts in C2, 20sts in C1)

Now you have everything you need – LET’S GO!

Remember: click the button above to download the instructions.

Congratulations! Now you have your very own Chattermax… time for a Dance Mode party!