Hailing from New Zealand, Mackenzie’s Mum is a border collie. She’s enthusiastic, helpful and a team player, happy to volunteer her time for things like the face painting stall at the school fair. 

Sometimes she can be a little unsure of herself and following an ‘interesting’ attempt at turning Mackenzie into a cheetah, she considers pulling the plug on her face-painting ambitions. But with a dose of determination and a pep talk from Bingo, she soon finds that practice makes perfect. 

She may live in Australia, but Mackenzie’s Mum remains a loyal fan of the New Zealand rugby team, and takes great pleasure in heckling the neighbours when there’s a Trans-Tasman game on TV.

Mackenzie’s meant to be a cheetah!

S3E8 – Curry Quest



Mackenzie’s Mum

voiced by

Loren Taylor


Border Collie


Spy Game (Season One)
Dance Mode (Season Two)
Circus (Season Two)
Curry Quest (Season Three)
Space (Season Three)
The Decider (Season Three)
Cricket (Season Three)