Indy’s Mum is all about peace, love, and additive-free food. A fan of the bohemian look, she adorns herself in dreamcatchers, crystals and tassels, and runs a gluten-free baking and flower stall at the weekend market. 

While she may keep a close eye on Indy’s diet, she’s earthy and carefree, and believes whole-heartedly in the saying “what goes around, comes around”. She’s happy to show her appreciation for a good busker tune with a fiver and some rhythmic dancing. 

Sometimes she likes to hang out with the other stallholders outside of the markets, like the Poffertjes man, who accompanies her on a trip to Hammerbarn.

Here sweetie. Go pop this in the guitar case for me.

S1E20 – Markets



Indy’s Mum

voiced by

Myf Warhurst


Afghan Hound


Markets (Season One)
Hammerbarn (Season Two)
Circus (Season Two)
Curry Quest (Season Three)