Mort is Chilli’s dad and Bluey and Bingo’s grandad. After a life in the army, he has since retired to a life of canoeing, bush walking, and eating curried sausages.
Mort hasn’t kept up with technology over the past couple of decades and is still surprised that “this internet thing has really taken off!”.

Mort knows that kids haven’t changed, though, and he is very good at playing games with Bluey and Bingo. He’ll even cheekily throw a stuffed crocodile into the game just to spice things up!

Mort loves his family and one of his favourite memories is playing at the lake with his daughter Chilli. He remembers their time together like it was yesterday.

You don’t want a croc loose in the house, trust me!

S3E16 – Phones



Mort Cattle

voiced by

Laurie Newman


Red Heeler


Grandad (Season One)
Phones (Season Three)