Brandy is a cattle dog and she is also known as Aunty Brandy by Bluey and Bingo. She is the older sister of Chilli, the sister-in-law of Bandit, and the maternal aunt of Bluey and Bingo.
After drifting apart from Chilli for a few years, as siblings sometimes do, she is happy to have reconnected with her little sister – and has lots to catch up on with her wonderful nieces too!
Always fun to be around, Aunty Brandy even taught Bluey and Bingo the dance that she and Chilli made up when they were little!

Next time I come over, I’m not bringing any onesies.

S3E31 – Onesies



Brandy Cattle

Voiced by

Rose Byrne


Red Heeler


Chilli Heeler (Sister)
Mort Cattle (Dad)
Bluey Heeler (Niece)
Bingo Heeler (Niece)
Bandit Heeler (Brother in law)