Digger, a red kelpie, is Rusty and Dusty’s older brother. He’s caring and levelheaded, and looks out for his younger siblings – especially as his army Dad’s often away for work.

Like the rest of his family, Digger is cricket mad. He loves playing with his mates, including his friend Tiny, who’s a very fast bowler.

Sometimes Digger lets Rusty join in with the older boys – although he thinks Rusty should wait until he’s a bit bigger before having a turn as batsman, so he doesn’t get hurt by Tiny’s fast bowls.

Rusty, you can bat if you want.. but no one’s gotta go easy on you, understand?

S3E47 – Cricket




First appeared

Cricket (Series 3)


Red Kelpie


Rusty (Brother)
Dusty (Sister)
Rusty’s Mum (Mum)
Rusty’s Dad (Dad

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During a friendly game of neighbourhood cricket, the dads struggle to bowl Rusty out.

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