Chilli’s Mum is a red heeler like her daughters, Chilli and Brandy, and husband, Mort.
Sadly, Bluey and Bingo don’t remember ever meeting their maternal grandma – but Chilli tells them about her one day when the Heelers use their artistic skills to create a story about dragons, motorbikes, carnivorous trees – and one interesting looking donkey.
Turns out Chilli is a pretty good drawer, which she attributes to her mum’s encouraging words. When she was a little girl, Chilli could never draw her horses quite like the pictures. But her mum egged her on, telling her she’d get better if she just kept practicing.

Keep practicing, you’ll get better! Just don’t ever give up, Chilli.

S3E43 – Dragon



Chilli’s Mum

Voiced by

Kate Miller-Heidke


Red Heeler


Chilli (Daughter)
Brandy (Daughter)
Mort (Husband)
Bandit (Son in Law)
Bluey and Bingo (Grandchildren)

Chilli’s Mum’s episodes


Bluey asks Dad to help her draw a dragon for her story, but Dad’s not very good at drawing!

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Image shows: A hand drawn flashback of young Chilli and her Mum drawing together.