Bluey Minisodes are short adventures featuring your favourite Bluey characters.

In Tea Party, Honey is having a playdate with Bluey. When her parents Daisy and Marcus say it’s time to leave, the girls invite them to play along with their tea party.

Honey’s parents teach the girls the proper way to make tea: Marcus likes his tea nice and hot, with 3 sugars! However, Daisy is unsure on his choice of biscuit and warns that a wafer will get too soggy! She suggests a ginger-nut or an ANZAC biscuit, and chooses a piece of cake for herself!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Honey is having a playdate at Bluey’s house where the two are playing tea party!
  • Honey’s parents Daisy and Marcus join in and teach the girls the proper way to make tea.
  • Marcus asks for a cup of tea with milk, three sugars and a biscuit on the side!


marcus and daisy’s top tips for tea!

  1. Make sure to warm the pot, so the tea is nice and hot!
  2. Marcus says “Make sure to leave the tea to stew for at least two minutes!” but Daisy corrects him: “It’s not stew! It’s brew! And it should be for three minutes!”
  3. According to Marcus, you must always put the milk in before the tea: “Milk before tea is best for me!”
  4. For a biscuit to dunk, Marcus suggests a wafer – he likes the way it goes all soggy! Daisy prefers a ginger-nut or an ANZAC biscuit – they’re much stronger to hold the tea better.


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