Daisy is Honey’s Mum. She’s a good sport and is always happy to join in the kids’ make-believe games — especially their tea parties. These are right up her alley, being British and all… 

Daisy is a tea aficionado and knows her brewing from her stewing when it comes to the perfect cuppa; a three-minute brew, milk goes in last, ginger biscuits over wafers. Her methods are differ somewhat to her husband Marcus, whose own tea-making habits are a little more controversial.

She loves a weekend market, where she can be found stocking up on mushrooms and Indy’s Mum’s gluten-free cake. She’s also known to have some impressive dance moves up her sleeve, which she pulls out at the odd BBQ — much to the delight of her friends.

It’s not stew, it’s brew. And it should be for three minutes.




voiced by

Sam Moor




Spy Game (Season One)
Markets (Season One)
Circus (Season Two)
Cricket (Season Three)
Tea Party with Bluey (Bonus Bit)