Bluey Minisodes are short adventures featuring your favourite Bluey characters.

In Old Macdonald, the whole family are in the backyard playing pretend, inspired by all the animals that live on Old MacDonald’s farm.

As Mum narrates the story of the farm, the others turn into each animal: first Bingo snorts like a pig, then Dad prances around like a peacock before Bluey blubs around as a Gold/Bluefish! After some more monkey business, Old MacDonald’s farm turns is overrun with dinosaurs, sending Mum running for safety!

This Is The Minisode Where…

  • Bluey, Bingo, Mum and Dad are playing together in the backyard.
  • Old MacDonald’s farm is full of monkeys, pigs, peacocks and fish!
  • The family turn into roaring dinosaurs!

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