Bluey Minisodes are short adventures featuring your favourite Bluey characters.

In Cinderella, Dad is reading Bingo and Bluey a bedtime story when Bingo asks him to make the story ‘funnier’. With the girls’ help, he continues with the tale of Cinderella – who Bluey renames ‘Cheryl’, a prince named ‘Leroy’ (who speaks in a terrible Scottish accent) and a raspy voiced fairy godmother called Madge.

As the story goes on, Dad strays further and further from the pages of their bedtime story, until Cheryl leaves behind a rollar skate for Leroy in place of a glass slipper.

This Is The Minisode Where…

  • Dad is reading the girls his version of Cinderella!
  • Bluey renames Cinderlla ‘Cheryl’ and the Prince ‘Leroy’
  • Leroy and Cheryl get their fariytale ending: A Bali wedding!

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