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Get ready to scare the neighbourhood with this halloween lantern! See the instructions below.

An image of the final craft, an orange halloween themed lantern made from paper and cardboard. A dark purple sky and tree graphic are in the background.

you will need

how to make

  1. Cover cardboard roll with orange paper by wrapping around and taping.
  2. Cut a second piece of paper the length of the paper roll and about 1.5x times the height, as seen in the picture.
  3. Fold the orange rectangle in half and cut lines down as shown in the guide. Don’t forget to stop about 2cm from the edge!
  4. Wrap your rectangle around the roll and tape in place.
  5. Print and cut out the pumpkin face.
  6. Cut out three strips of cardboard to wrap around the top and bottom of the lantern, as well as a strip as a handle. Attach using glue or tape.
  7. Glue your pumpkin face to your lantern. You’re all set!