You Will Need:

Note: Make sure a grown up helps with small pieces and scissors.

How To Make A Bob Bilby Puppet:

  1. Download the craft sheet on the link below
  2. Use the template to trace and cut out your felt pieces
  3. Stick the smaller pieces together with fabric glue or a needle and thread
  4. Attach the back panel and front panels together
  5. Place the ears between the front and back panels and glue or stick together
  6. Glue, draw or stitch eyes (buttons) onto Bob
  7. Trim any excess thread or felt off your finished Bob Bilby!

Bob Bilby is ready for an adventure!

Bob Bilby puppet sizes:

You can make a regular (for adult hands) or small (for little hands) Bob Bilby puppet. You could always make both!

Large Bob Bilby

Small Bob Bilby