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The Old Pug is a grouchy customer at Doreen’s garage sale and Gladys’ arch nemesis. Rude and cantankerous, the Old Pug is partial to a bargain, whacking people with her handbag, and throwing around insults.

She also blows a decent raspberry, is flush with cash, and is pretty handy on a mobility scooter. Fortunately, this cranky lady meets her match with Gladys, who takes her down a peg or two, and rescues Doreen from being swindled!

I’m not paying 900 dollars!

S3E33 – Granny Mobile



The Old Pug



Voiced By

Margot Knight


Granny Mobile
(Season Three)

The Old Pug’s episodes

Granny Mobile

At a garage sale, Muffin’s playing Grouchy Granny, and she’s making Dad push her on an old scooter. But then, a real Grouchy Granny wants to buy it, and Muffin won’t budge.

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