Nana is Bluey and Bingo’s grandmother and the mother of Bandit, Rad and Stripe. Nana Chris and Grandpa Bob have three sons (Radley, Bandit and Stripe) and four grandkids (Bluey, Bingo, Muffin and Socks).
Nana has one rule at her house – everyone gets what they want. This usually means the grandkids eat an unruly amount of ice pops. Although her methods can sometimes seem outdated, they get the job done and are always in the family’s best interests.
Nana loves telling jokes, cooking lovely roast dinners, and she even learned the floss dance from Bluey!

Well, you know what? At Nana’s house I guess there’s only one rule… everybody gets what they want

S2E11 – Charades



Chris ‘Nana’ Heeler

voiced By

Chris Brumm


Blue Heeler


Grannies (Season One)
Charades (Season Two)
Escape (Season Two)
Handstand (SeasonTwo)
Baby Race (Season Two)
Christmas Swim (Season Two)
Fairytale (Season Three)