Grandpa Bob, or “Bobba” as the kids sometimes call him, is Bandit’s dad.

He is retired and lives with Nana Chris at an apartment on the Gold Coast. He enjoys going to the beach and acting silly around the house.
Bobba can be forgetful sometimes and in the 80s flashback episode “Fairytale” he struggles with the kids’ names. Still, Bobba is a fun grandpa and can floss with the best of them.

After a pilgrimage of self discovery to India, Bobba reunites with the rest of the Heeler family at the wedding of Uncle Rad and Frisky having finally ‘found himself’.

How do I jinx it so none of you can talk?

S3E26 – Fairytale



Bob ‘Bobba’ Heeler

Voiced By

Ian McFadyen
Sam Simmons


Blue Heeler


Grannies (Season One)
Fairytale (Season Three)
The Sign (Season Three)