Wackadoo! Wondering where you can watch Bluey Season 3? Look no further because we’ve got all the news and updates for you right here… so, read on. We’ll regularly update this guide with the latest info. 


Bluey Season 3 aired on ABC Kids in 2021. You can still catch the latest episode on ABC iview.

Episodes include:

  1. Perfect
  2. Bedroom             
  3. Obstacle Course   
  4. Promises                
  5. Omelette             
  6. Born Yesterday
  7. Mini Bluey             
  8. Unicourse            
  9. Curry Quest
  10. Magic    
  11. Chest
  12. Sheepdog            
  13. Housework
  14. Pass the Parcel
  15. Explorers               
  16. Phones
  17. Pavlova
  18. Rain       
  19. Pizza Girls            
  20. Driving   
  21. Tina       
  22. Whale Watching  
  23. Family Meeting    
  24. Faceytalk             
  25. Ragdoll   
  26. Fairytale              

US, UK and Rest of the world

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