In exciting news, the Bluey publishing program will expand in 2024 to include three new illustrated chapter books for readers aged six and up. 

Bluey: Trains, the first book of the three, will be available in Australia from 5 March, with Bluey: Bus and Bluey: Taxi following in April and May, respectively. 




Available 5 March 2024

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The first storybook novel, Bluey: Trains, follows Bluey and Bingo in an imaginary game of trains. With all the characters Bluey fans love, the book features Bluey, Bingo, Mum, Dad and Poppy as they pretend to be other characters, such as an animal doctor (Dr Glenda) and an annoying passenger. 

Based on the Bluey television episode Trains, the book also features charming black-and-white illustrations by Bluey Art Director, Rafferty Amor

Bluey: Trains, Bluey: Bus and Bluey: Taxi are available to buy and pre-order now from Australian retailers.

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