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Want to know how a show about a loveable little blue dog and her family is brought to life, episode by episode? Let’s take a sneak-peak at how it’s done from behind the scenes at Ludo Studio in Brisbane.

With Bluey, story and character come first. The whole process begins with the scripts, and while these are being written, every artist works on really early drawings of what happens in that episode. These are called storyboards. The editors then cut this storyboard together into an animatic (like a flip-book that tells you what’s happening in each episode). To this animatic, some provisional sound effects and music are added, along with the voices of the characters. 

Then, the episode is ready to be animated. It gets passed onto Bluey’s team of talented artists and designers, who produce the final drawings of the characters, props and backgrounds. From here, the drawings of each character are made into animated skeletons, called rigs. These rigs have controls on their faces and joints, and using these, the animators can make the characters laugh, run and even wag their tails! It takes a team of animators four weeks to make one episode of Bluey! 

Next up, the episode is sent over to the music and sound department. There, the sound designer adds in all the sound effects, while the composer uses his instruments to write the score to each episode. Once all these stages are complete, the whole studio gets together to watch the final product before each episode gets signed off. And then the whole process starts again. Each season of Bluey has 52 episodes, and so, each season the process is repeated 52 times!