Vtech Shake It Bluey

It’s time to move and groove together with VTech Shake It Bluey—hooray! Turn Bluey’s head back and forth to see who’s around. Wave hello or pretend the hand is a claw to play ticklecrabs. Tickle, tickle, tickle! Make some noise by shaking the shaker, then press her nose for a sneeze. Achoo! Bop down on Bluey’s body and count together to ten.

Now let’s play a game. Follow along to the instructions and move each body part in turn. If you miss a step, don’t worry: just pick yourself up and try again. The show must go on! Watch as Bluey’s belly lights up to the music, then go into dance mode with her. Do the floss, wave your arms, dance in whatever way moves you—what’s important is that you shake it!