Bluey Transforming Juice Truck Set

Explore the market stalls with Bluey, Bingo and Indy with the Bluey Juice Truck Set based on the episode “Markets”!

This Markets set is loaded with fun features to play with. Roll into the market in the juice van, then open it up to transform into a café with table and chairs. 


  • Articulated figures of Bluey, Bingo and Indy that can sit on the truck’s seats and in chairs made just the right size for preschooler’s and toddler’s hands.
  • Bluey and Bingo in their aprons, Indy, 2 juice cups, table and chairs, stickers to customize your truck, and exclusively at Sam’s Club: Buttermilk the Unipony!
  • Collect all the other Bluey Figures. They are all the perfect size to work with the Juice Truck Playset