Bluey : Easter Showbag 2024

Embark on a delightful journey with our exclusive Bluey Showbag, designed to immerse your little one in the playful world of Bluey! This enchanting collection features a captivating Bluey activity set, providing hours of imaginative entertainment. The charming Bluey backpack is the perfect companion for carrying their treasures, while the playful Bluey ball adds an extra element of fun to their adventures.

Stay refreshed on the go with the functional Bluey cooler bag and matching drink bottle, ensuring your little one stays cool and hydrated during their explorations. Shield their eyes from the sun with adorable Bluey sunglasses, and add a touch of flair with the whimsical Bluey headband.

Showbag contains:

  • Bluey Activity Set
  • Bluey Backpack
  • Bluey Ball
  • Bluey Coolerbag
  • Bluey Drink Bottle
  • Bluey Sunglasses
  • Bluey Headband
  • Bluey Non Woven Bag