Bluey: Babylove Nappy Pants Range

Wackadoo! The unique contoured shape on these nappies is designed to prevent leaks and sagging by snugly wrapping around your kiddo’s body.

  1. 360° Stretchy Waistband

    Tab free, this soft, comfy, elasticated waistband allows you or your child to put them on with ease.

  2. Unique Contoured Absorbent Pad

    The contoured absorbent pad gives a better fit to prevent leaks and the new absorbent pattern helps distribute wee evenly for a less saggy nappy.

  3. Up to 12 hours of Absorption

    Round the clock protection lasting up to 12 hrs.

  4. Double Leg Gathers

    Wrap evenly around the body preventing leaks and accidents.

  5. Side Tear Seams

    For easy, no fuss nappy changes that can happen while they’re moving.

  6. New Bluey Prints

    Nappy Pants now comes with fun Bluey Prints.