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Bluey: SleepyNights Pants

Nappies designed specifically for overnight use BabyLove SleepyNights pants now feature Bluey designs to make bedtime fun. SleepyNights pants provide the highest level of absorbency for all night confidence.

  • Maximum Absorbency: No more wet sheets. Advanced leak protection helps children sleep through the night.
  • Absorbent core: Unique contoured core snugly wraps around baby’s body and draws moisture away rapidly ensuring all night confidence.
  • 360˚ Stretchy Waistband: Super soft and comfy waistband provides comfort and mimics children’s underwear.
  • Special Leg Guards: Eliminates leakage no matter what position they sleep in.
  • New Bluey Designs: Up to three different Bluey designs in each pack for three times the fun. Bluey designs on sizes 2-4 years and 4-7years packs only.