day two of bluey’s christmas countdown!

How does Santa get into the house when there’s no chimney? Maybe he comes in from the verandah! Here’s how to play Verandah Santa for real life …

What you’ll need

  • A Santa Hat
  • Presents! (They can be anything, from a can of beans to a pencil case! The more random the better!)

need ‘presents’ for verandah santa to deliver?

Print and play with these Verandah Santa Scavenger cards.

download here

How to play

  1. Pretend it’s the night before Christmas! Pick someone to be Verandah Santa. Do you have a Santa hat for them to wear? Any hat will do!
  2. Everyone else gets into bed and pretends to go to ‘sleep’. Remember, no peeking, or you’ll get no presents!
  3. Verandah Santa collects things they find around the house to be presents – like a can of beans or even a roll of dunny paper!
  4. Then, Verandah Santa sneaks back into the bedroom and places a present under everyone’s pillow with a HO…HO… HO!
  5. Once Verandah Santa leaves, everyone wakes up on ‘Christmas Morning’ to discover what presents they received!
  6. Pass the Santa hat to the next Verandah Santa and it’s time to play again!

no peeking…

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Bluey’s Christmas Countdown Calendar for more festive surprises, unlocking a new gift everyday until Christmas!

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