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Download this printable ‘Barky Boats’ inspired book chart and have your kids take part in our reading challenge alongside the release of #BlueyBookReads!

Join in the Bluey Book Reads fun with this downloadable book chart! Read 10 books and share reading photos, to feature your kids in our Reading Champions hall of fame!

What is the challenge?

Inspired by Bluey and Bingo’s love of reading, we are holding a special reading challenge! Use the downloadable book chart to track your kiddo’s reading and follow the barky boat down the stream towards a certificate.

download the barky boats book chart!

Colour in your very barky boat and track your kiddo’s reading progress down the stream!

download now

Then, we want to see photos of your kiddos reading their favourite new books! Do they have a special place where they love to read? We are especially keen to see any Bluey inspired reading cubbies or spaces – the more creative, the better!

How to Get Involved

  1. Download the Barky Boats book chart and print it out.
  2. Every time your kiddo reads a new book, they can fill out a new square on the chart.
  3. When they have read 10 books, download and fill in the certificate!
  4. Along the way, be sure to take photos of your reading champions with their favourite books, and have an adult upload them to Instagram, X or Facebook, using ‘#BlueyBookReads’.

download a completion certificate

Celebrate your kiddo’s reading achievement with this printable completion certificate!


Bluey readers hall of fame!

Our Reading Champions Hall of Fame will be featured and updated between March and June 2024 on the Official Bluey Website and across Official Bluey social media accounts. It will be taken down following the completion of the campaign. Find out more about sharing pictures below.

Sharing Images

If you upload images of you and your kiddos taking part in our reading challenge using the hashtag ‘#BlueyBookReads’, we may contact you to ask permission to feature your image on our Reading Champions Hall of Fame on and our social media channels. For full terms and conditions, see the link below:

Learn more about Bluey Book Reads

Celebrate the joy of reading with Bluey Book Reads, a brand-new digital series featuring famous fans reading some of the most popular Bluey story books.

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