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Day 13 in Bluey’s Countdown to Christmas will put your eyes to the test as you try to spot the Christmas longdogs and more festive treasures…

Did you manage to find the longdog before the timer ran out? Have a go at hiding your own long dog around the house this Christmas with our downloadable, camouflaging colouring sheet.

have a go – for real life!

Have fun hiding your own Longdog around the house. Follow the instructions below and download the template to get started.

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There’s even more treasures to be found with an exclusive peek inside a scene from “Where’s Bluey?”. Can you find all the items on the left hand side of the page?

Where’s Bluey, A Search and Find Book is available to buy here.

Bluey Books

There’s a wide array of Bluey books to explore: ranging from activities, colouring, and craft to captivating stories.

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no peeking…

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Bluey’s Christmas Countdown Calendar for more festive surprises, unlocking a new gift everyday until Christmas!

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