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In day 8 of Bluey’s Christmas Countdown; revisit ‘Verandah Santa’ and ‘Christmas Swim’ to play Christmas Episode Bingo!

Whether you’re on your first watch or hundredth watch: Print and play along with our new Christmas episode Bingo!

how to play

  1. Print out a bingo sheet for you and everyone playing along.
  2. Watch the Bluey Christmas episodes: Verandah Santa and Christmas Swim.
  3. Cross out the squares as you spot them!
  4. Shout ‘BINGO’ when you finish a row.
  5. Shout ‘BLUEY’S BINGO’ when you finish the whole board!

download and print your bingo cARD


revisit the episodes

no peeking…

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Bluey’s Christmas Countdown Calendar for more festive surprises, unlocking a new gift everyday until Christmas!

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