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from the official bluey magazine!

Breakfast just got toast-ally cute! Follow the instructions below to make your very own Bingo toast, fun for kiddos (and for grown-ups too!)

Let’s make Bingo toast for brekkie!

You will need:


  1. Ask your grown-up to snip 2 toast triangles for Bingo’s ears and add your chosen spread along the edges.
  2. Add more spread at the sides of the toast. Cut 2 circles from white bread and top with blueberries to make Bingo’s eyes.
  3. Cut banana to create her eyebrows and markings.
  4. Stack up slices of banana to make her mouth, then finish with a blueberry nose. Mmm!

You’re all set for a Bingo breakfast!

WANT More Bluey fun and games?

WANT More Bluey fun and games?

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