What you need:

Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with scissors and small pieces

How to make your solar system in a box:


The planets:

Build your box:

  1. Make a ring out of yellow playdough for Saturn
  2. Use a stick with blunt edges and poke it through the polystyrene ball so the edges poke out of each side (balance your playdough ring on Saturn)
  3. Arrange your planets and get ready to hang them in your box
  4. For the planets, poke the sticks through the back of the box and push the planets onto the sticks from the front (this will hold them in place, so you can rotate them)
  5. Cut two thin lines in the top of the box (ask an adult) so you can fit a stick through it and move it from side-to-side
  6. Poke the two remaining sticks through the top of the box
  7. Attach Bingo and Floppy to these sticks using tape
  8. Move the sticks from side-to-side, Bingo and Floppy can now float!

Take Bingo and Floppy on an adventure through space!

Download Bingo and Floppy pictures: