The colourful stained glass window is one of the most distinctive features in Bluey and Bingo’s room. Now you can make one for your kiddos’ bedroom. Follow this guide and have your child help by adding the cellophane.


To make:

  1. Cut out the template provided and glue/stick the segments together.
  2. Stick directly onto the cardboard and ask an adult to cut on the marked lines using scissors or a sharp blade. Alternatively trace the template onto the cardboard and then cut out. 
  3. Measure out enough clear contact to cover the whole window and carefully remove the backing before laying down your window. Contact should be sticky side up.
  4. Cut your contact into small pieces and stick directly onto the contact in different coloured segments.
  5. Once all the contact is covered trim the outside of the contact leaving a 2cm border around the edge of the window.
  6. Stick your artwork on your favourite window and enjoy your rainbow view!

Tip: If the template provided is too complicated, cut any shape frame you like and follow all other remaining steps.