Surprise mum with a whole bunch of love using your kiddos own ‘paw’ prints! Scroll down for the instructions on how to make it yourself.

What you need:

To make

  1. Add some blue paint to a plate or bowl and paint your kiddos foot pad and 4 toes
  2. Stamp the foot gently onto some white paper and lift carefully
  3. Repeat to make around 6 footprints
  4. Cut out some flower stems from coloured paper and glue them onto an A4 piece of paper or draw them using coloured markers
  5. Cut out the paw prints and glue them on to the tops of the stems
  6. Add a small ribbon to the flower stems using tape or glue
  7. Help your child write a special message or they can copy ours!
  8.  Give it to your special person to show how much you love them