It tastes better than it sounds….we promise! Follow the instructions below and download the recipe.





Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with small pieces, preparation and baking.


NOTE: If you’re baking your own cakes make sure you’ve allowed time for the cakes to cool before shaping, icing and decorating., 

TIP: Before layering your slab cakes on top of each other, you might like to add some icing in between layers to help stick them together. 

  1. Cut your cakes to match the pictured shape
  2. Prepare your icing. Place 1/4 of your icing into a small bowl and tint light green (using a small amount of green colouring). 
  3. Next, tint a tablespoon of icing red and do the same for yellow in separate small bowls. 
  4. Tine the remaining icing a darker green
  5. Using any leftover slab cake you can cut your two wheelie bins by cutting out some rectangles
  6. Cover the back section of the truck and the sides of the wheelie bins in green icing 
  7. Cover the front section of the truck in the lighter green. We recommend covering the truck with your first layer of icing before placing it in the fridge for 30 minutes to set. You can then go back over with a second layer of icing. 
  8. Keep a little bit of icing for later when sticking the inner wheels (round lollies) to the tyres (chocolate biscuits). 
  9. Now for the fun part! It’s time to add the rest of the decorations as seen in the below diagram (you can use your leftover icing to help everything stick).