Let’s dress up like Bluey and Bingo! This is definitely an adult project as it involves sharp scissors and a hot iron but kids will love dressing up.

Two photograph images of two children dressed up as Bluey and Bingo.

This costume requires minimal sewing and can be done with or without a sewing machine. The instructions for both characters are interchangeable apart from Bluey who has some additional dark blue spots on the back of her top. The instructions will show a mix of both costumes being made at the same time. Scroll down to get started.

You will need:

For Bingo:

For Bluey:

*If you can’t find these in the colours you need. Just buy white or light grey and bucket dye them according to packet instructions.

How to make

For the body, begin by cutting your felt into pieces. Keep some aside for the tail which we will make later. For each costume you will need:

Image of different sized pieces of fabric to make the body part of the Bluey and Bingo costumes.

Cut the new sew adhesive to fit the felt shapes and place onto your felt right side down. The adhesive should have instructions but if not make sure the side touching the felt is slightly rougher than the side you will be ironing. Iron on a medium heat.

Image of cut out fabric being with adhesive being ironed on ready to be stuck on to clothing.

Peel off the adhesive backing and iron lay on to your clothing where you intend it to go. The arch for the chest, and the strips for the cuffs of the pants and top. Trim the cuffs if necessary. Iron well to bond the fabrics together.

Three images side by side showing the felt being stuck on to the top for both Bingo and Bluey costumes.

Add Bluey’s blue spots.

Image of Bluey's blue spots (made of fabric) being ironed on to the back of a blue top.

For the gloves, repeat the same process of ironing the adhesive to the felt shapes and then removing the backing and laying onto the gloves. Iron again to bond.

Two images of the gloves that make the paws of the costume, one before with felt being ironed on and one after with gloves complete and looking like paws, modelled by child.

For the tail, measure the length from your child’s waist to under their knees. Fold your tail fabric in half and mark out a tail shape as shown below. Leave some extra length at the top and around width at the sides for sewing. Cut out and lay the two pieces flat.

Lay the felt over each end of the tail and bond with the no sew adhesive as described in the method above.

Two images of the tail, one before showing different pieces of felt used to build and one after showing felt stuck together.

Bring the two pieces together and trim the end of the tail into shape. Separate the two pieces and lay together inside out. Use a sewing machine or hand sew the edges of the tail leaving a small overhang. Leave about 5 cm open at one end.

Three images showing the process of building the tail including sewing to seal, filling with stuffing and a piece of elastic attached to fit around a child's waist.

Turn right side out and fill with stuffing then hand or machine sew the tail closed. Measure a piece of elastic to fit your child’s waist and fold the end of the tail over. Hand or machine sew to secure.

To complete the look print out and make the Bluey and Bingo face masks.

Woo Hoo! Now dress up and play!