Get ready for Mother’s Day!

Dress up Mum and get ready for a weekend all about her! Practical, playful, fancy… Whatever you have planned for Mother’s Day, Chilli’s got the perfect outfit ready.

  1. With the help of a grown up, cut out Mum and all her fun dress up items. Make sure you cut around the tabs! You will need those to attach the different dress ups on her.
  2. Stick Mum to the cardboard cereal box and cut her out
  3. Fold the tabs on the dress up items and place them onto Mum. The tabs will help hold the item onto her so you can dress her up!
  4. Tack the photo of Mum’s room onto the wall so that you can use it as a background when you play with her. You can dress her up however you like, even as a fancy lady!