Beep beep! Hear that? It’s the Heeler family’s caravan. Follow these simple instructions to construct a life-sized caravan in your backyard (no gas required!).

You will need:

  1. Find a large cardboard box – this will be the main part of your caravan. Try going to a furniture or homeware store and asking them for boxes. They often have boxes from couches, tables or fridges that make a perfect caravan. Alternatively you can use smaller boxes glued together.
  2. Sketch out the positions of your windows and doors. Open up the box carefully at the join and lay flat on the ground (this makes it easier for cutting). Place a cutting mat or another piece of cardboard underneath where you have drawn the shapes, and get a grown up to use a craft knife to cut out the window and door shapes. Tell them to always stay safe when using a knife! Make sure the knife is sharp, always cut away from your body and hands and never force a cut.
  3. Turn the cardboard box inside out and re-glue it again, any printing or labels will now be on the inside and you will have a nice clean looking box on the outside.
  4. Use the pieces that you cut out for the windows and door to make window/door frames. Draw around the cardboard cut-outs onto another piece of cardboard, and then draw another outline 2cm out from the original outline to create a frame.
  5. Now, get creative with details! Cut out a small circle for a door handle, a zig zag for the side panel detail or maybe even a tow bar. Make sure you have fun and don’t forget some cardboard wheels!
  6. Attach everything you have created with PVA glue and let it dry.
  7. Now for the fun part… PAINT!!! You can paint it to look just like the Heeler caravan, or pick your favourite colours and make it your own!
  8. When your camper is finished, send us a photo or tag us @officialblueytv…