Planning a backyard camping adventure? This booklet is packed with crafts, nighttime entertainment, treasure hunt activities and more… 

Here’s what you can do:

First download the instruction booklet, then:

  1. Put on your own puppet show: make your own real hand puppets and put on a Bluey show! You can come up with your own story about surviving in the backyard wilderness, something funny that happened that day, or even retell your favourite episode of Bluey. Use washable textas to draw eyes and a mouth, or use googly eyes if you have them.
  2. Set out your campsite coordinates: set up your tent! If you don’t have a backyard or tent, a blanket and chairs is just as good. While you are there you could also build a mini stick tent for our fair friends.
  3. Make a friend: your own walking leaf! Use some glue to stick your leaf in the booklet so it matches up with the legs on the drawing. Then take a marker and draw a smile and eyes on your leaf.
  4. Make your own mobile: make a mobile to decorate your tent by using found things like sticks, feathers, leaves and shells. Find a thick stick to be the base of your hanger. Next take each of the found items and tie it around the stick using a different length of string. Find a place on your tent to hang your nature mobile.
  5. Observe and report: what can you see around you? Draw what you see outside your tent. Write down everything you can hear. What was the funniest thing that happened today? What was your favourite thing that happened today?
  6. Time to go on a treasure hunt! How many of these things can you find? A leaf bigger than your hand, a stick that is taller than you, a feather to play ‘Featherwand’ with, something that has legs, a rock that looks like a face, a piece of rubbish (pick it up and put it in the bin), something with spikes, something yellow and something that starts with the letter F