you will need:


  1. Use the diagram to cut the cardboard pieces to size. For a simpler version use four cardboard shoe boxes stuck together.
  2. Use the sticky tape to attach the walls and roofs to the back wall. If possible, use thicker cardboard for the roof to make it look more solid.
  3. Paint the rooms in your favourite Bluey colours.
  4. Print out the details on pages 1 and 3 of the template provided, then colour them in. To make them stronger, glue onto cardboard before cutting them out. Stick them around the house.
  5. It’s Christmas at Bluey’s house! Print and colour in the template on page 2. To make the bunting, add some glue to one half of each of the diamonds and fold over a length of string. To make the tree, colour and decorate before gluing them to some cardboard with the help of an adult. Ask an adult to cut them out, also cutting along both of the marked internal lines. Slot your trees together to make one standing tree.
  6. Add some extra bits of furniture using things around your house. We made cork stools, cardboard benches, a plastic tub bath and some plants.

Ready to play? What kind of adventures will Bluey and her family get up to this Christmas?