printable fun – Father’s day pop-up card

You will need:

Note: Make sure a grown up helps with small pieces and scissors.


  1. Fold the template page in half, image facing up and cut out all the shapes, following the dotted lines.
  2. Fold Bluey’s legs inwards towards the body, using the dashed lines as your guide.
  3. Fold the arm tabs to the back and add some glue to the tabs.
  4. Fold the arms in half, palms facing in and glue the arm tabs on Bluey to the ‘glue here’ sections on the arms.
  5. Fold the blue coloured paper in half.
  6. Fold Bluey, keeping the legs and tail outside the arms.
  7. Glue the leg sections only onto the card, making sure to keep them centred and close to the fold. Notice that the arms must to be parallel to the paper fold.
  8. Close the card and use the template provided to add lettering to the front and the inside of your card.

“I Love You This Much”

Happy Father’s Day Daddy xx