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Mums are special in lots of different ways, and the mums in Bluey are no exception: they’re understanding, attentive and always on hand to teach their children valuable life lessons. Here are some favourite ‘mum’ moments from some of the mums in Bluey.

Chilli – Sleepytime

Doing a big girl sleep is an important step for a little kiddo, but Chilli makes sure Bingo knows that she’s always there for her, and she can only do her best at waking up in her own bed.

Although the night doesn’t quite go to plan, Chilli’s there to help Bingo make her way back down to earth after a sleep time bounce fest among the stars and planets. Out in space, when things get a little scary and cold, a huge sunbeam draws Bingo back into the warmth and light: A Mum hug.

Just knowing that Mum is there for you is a very powerful thing, and the big girl sleep can carry on. Mustn’t forget Floppy, though!

nana – fairytale

This story’s set a long…LONG time ago in the the 80’s. Nana shows Band…ishwasher the importance of being kind and taking time to reflect on yourself. Quiet time is for thinking about the words you have said and the meaning that they have. It’s easy to tease a sibling, but sometimes it’s best to think about how it must make them feel. And Nana is right, isn’t she, Band…ini?

bella – baby race

Being a new Mum is hard, and sometimes it’s tricky to realise that it’s not just the baby learning to do things for the first time!

When Chilli struggles with Bluey not reaching some milestones as quickly as other babies, Bella is right on hand to reassure her that she’s doing great. (And Bella would know, she has 8….wait…9 kids of her own, and she’s learned a thing or two!)

We all need a good friend like Bella.

trixie – muffin cone

Stopping a thumb sucker… what a task! Trixie tries to do what she thinks is best to help Muffin stop sucking her thumb, but the Cone of Shame isn’t exactly what Muffin expected.

It’s hard to know how to help little kiddos work through their big challenges in life, but just when Trixie thinks the cone was a bit too ‘tough love’, Muffin becomes a wonderful wedding wife, ballerina and a sunflower all at once!

chilli – Driving

‘Open door…close door…seatbelt…*clunk!’ A game that Chilli struggles to play is a rarity, but ‘Driving’ leaves her a little bit stumped for inspiration! After a crazy morning of multitasking and having all the answers for everyone, she doesn’t quite know how to play this new game. Bluey seems to notice and comes up with a fun way to help Chilli feel more involved (with Agatha’s rather rude help). What starts as a trifficult game soon becomes heaps of fun. Watch out for the baby ducks!

Sometimes, just maybe, Mums don’t always have the answers…but Chilli’s always willing to try!