From the playful trumpets of Bluey’s opening credits to the musical melodies of Calypso’s classroom, the show’s soundtrack sometimes feels like a character itself: jumping, leaping, swinging, playing alongside Bluey and Bingo’s adventures.

Get ready for the perfect soundtrack to your day as we celebrate the magic of music in Bluey by revisiting some fan favourites…


Nostalgic and curious at the same time, the soundtrack for ‘The Creek’ is all about exploring the unknown and the beauty of the natural world. Bouncy beats encourage Bluey and her friends through the wild and unfamiliar paths of the forest and down towards the creek, a different kind of playground that in the moment feels like it’s just for them.

“I love how it sounds different depending on who’s listening to it! While my kids dance around to the newness of it all, I’m hearing what Bandit hears – a real strong sense of familiarity and rediscovering memories from my own childhood.”


Alongside the visual backdrop of the sunset and wildlife, the music guides our character home with as they reflect on their adventure. The creek really is beautiful in every way.


Time…just…crawls when you’re trying to get to sleep. Gentle twinkles of the night sky are heard in this episode’s soundtrack as Bluey wishes to be a fruit bat instead of going to bed. The real adventure starts as she realises she’s fallen asleep and is flying through the sky with her fellow fruit bat friends.

“Uplifting and exciting – exactly how I think my kid’s dreams would sound. And it wouldn’t be an episode of Bluey without that touching, golden moment at the end.”


As Bluey starts to understand and appreciate the sacrifices Bandit has made to be there for his kids, we hear those same gentle twinkles continue through the night.


From the high energy music accompanying a family fairy chase, to the mellow and heartwarming moments between Bingo and Bandit, ‘Fairies’ has it all. We follow as the score comes full circle, with the same motif that played when Bingo’s feelings were hurt is replayed at the end of the episode when Bandit takes a moment to check she’s ok.

Using the music of the piece as a tool to show us exactly how hurt feelings can be mended with kind words. The soundtrack draws focus on Bandit’s admission of his mistake and validation of his little kiddo’s feelings. After explanation comes understanding, and Bingo is ready to play fairies again! Cue music: this wholesome moment of parent-child connection swiftly shifts into Bandit’s brave fairy dance around the letter box. ‘Let’s do this!’


The magic of music in Bluey is most powerful in ‘Rain’. An episode where the music does all the talking, and gives us a deeper view into the wonderful mother and daughter relationship between Chilli and Bluey.

The heavens open over the Heeler house, and while Chilli rushes to get the laundry inside, we see Bluey experience a lovely journey of learning through play. The music here is reflective and sweet, building to a playful crescendo as Bluey attempts to squeeze past the clearly exhausted Chilli. Here’s where we see a beautiful combination of childhood innocence and determination, where play is the most important thing – and nothing, not even muddy paws over a dry house, will stand in her way. 

But there’s a change. The melody pays close attention to Chilli too, drawing on her own journey of letting go of what it means to be an adult and play by the rules. As we see her stand next to Bluey and help rather than hinder her game, the music expresses a new connection, an understanding between them. The music creates the feeling of a core family memory being built, one that so many parents can pinpoint in their own lives; that sometimes, kids just need to be kids.


Whether we’re dancing along or getting swept up in a whole range of emotions, the cleverly crafted music continues to sweep us up in the wonderful stories of Bluey and her family. Dive into the magic of music in Bluey with the new album, Dance Mode! releasing on April 21st.