Stream the Bluey Christmas Windows from anywhere and everywhere around the world in Day 15 of Bluey’s Countdown to Christmas!

Recorded live at MYER’s Christmas Windows in Melbourne, Australia!

Bring the windows into your own living room with our 8 hour livestream by visiting the Official Bluey YouTube channel on your smart TV.

Bluey’s Christmas Day is showcased across the six Christmas windows; the story kicking off with the family opening presents on Christmas morning, preparing and enjoying Christmas lunch, then going to Uncle Stripe’s for an afternoon swim, followed by a game of beach cricket with Lucky’s family, and culminating with a magical light show of the Heeler’s House.

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Take a deeper dive into the Bluey Christmas Windows with behind the scenes photos, coverage from the launch event and all the information you need to visit them for real life!

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Don’t forget to keep an eye on Bluey’s Christmas Countdown Calendar for more festive surprises, unlocking a new gift everyday until Christmas!

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