On your marks… get set…. BINGO!

Ground Up International and Kids Foot Locker are releasing a brand new collection of Bluey shoes! Perfect for kiddos, whether they’re taking their first steps or racing through obstacle courses.

The first design features the entire Heeler family on a pair of starry High Tops.

The sneaker features light purple canvas pieces, dark purple pebbled along the laces, and canvas with purple stars on both sides. The outer side of the shoe illustrates Bluey, her sister Bingo, and parents Bandit and Chilli, standing together as a family.

The back includes a special Easter egg of Bingo’s magic feather wand, along with elastic laces for easy access and protection granting your little one the freedom to go on an adventure. 

The second design is perfect for all Keepy Uppy champions!

Join Bluey and Bingo in a game of Keepy Uppy, with their game spread across both slip on shoes. For a special touch, the kick features a sueded blue trim along the sneaker and a brown toe bumper for design and stability.

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